[PATCH] support kernels without __ARCH_WANT_SYSCALL_OFF_T

Laurent Bercot ska-dietlibc at skarnet.org
Mon Apr 30 20:28:07 UTC 2012

> Can you report your uClibc configuration? I'm nearly certain you have
> locale disabled; if it's enabled, a lot more junk will be pulled in.

 I'm not sure. I'm using the binary uClibc- provided by the
Aboriginal Linux native-compiler-i686 toolchain, I don't know what
options have been compiled in. Cc to Rob so he can provide the

> Also I don't understand how using _exit changes anything. The startup
> code that calls main has a reference to exit (or equivalent code)
> anyway and has no way of determining that you'll be calling _exit
> early...

 I can only guess that gcc sees that main() is never returned from
and optimizes away everything that's referenced *after* the main()
call in _startup(). But I'm really not an expert on those things and
it's a wild, wild guess.


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