Future branch status

Peter Mazinger ps.m at gmx.net
Wed Apr 25 21:16:54 UTC 2012


> Yes, i know. I think the correct guard is
> #if defined __UCLIBC_HAS_LFS__ && __WORDSIZE == 32 && !defined
> __NR_fcntl64
> fixed.

maybe better
#if defined __UCLIBC_HAS_LFS__ && !defined __NR_fcntl64 (independently of the __WORDSIZE, IIRC 64bit archs do not have __NR_fcntl64 and their fcntl syscall is the same as fcntl64 on 32bit archs).
> missing comma for ppc32 in posix_fadvise.c -- fixed.
> Another question, on powerpc, i see:
> Makefile.in:139: warning: overriding commands for target
> `include/bits/local_lim.h'
> libpthread/nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/Makefile.commonarch:202:
> warning: ignoring old commands for target `include/bits/local_lim.h'
> Can you advise on this on, please?

Is this happening on Khem's tree or future branch?

Regards, Peter

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