Issue with group limit

Natanael Copa natanael.copa at
Tue Apr 24 08:43:33 UTC 2012


I have setup a new build server for the upcoming Alpine Linux v2.4
release and bumped into an issue with a limit (or bug?) in uclibc.

The build failed when trying to add a user called "postgrey". From the
build log:

>>> postgrey: Creating user postgrey
adduser: unknown group nogroup

The group "nogroup" is there have have worked up til now.

>From the /etc/groups:

Checking what groups asterisk belongs to:

$ groups asterisk
65533groups: unknown ID 65533

So i think this happens due to the way the /etc/group is parsed. When
the line passes a limit (128 chars?) the parser will simply skip this

Was reported earlier:

I suppose I could patch uclibc to extend the line buffer length
__UCLIBC_PWD_BUFFER_SIZE__ for now. Where is it defined?

Any ideas how to fix it properly?

Natanael Copa

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