getaddrinfo performance problems

Ed W lists at
Mon Apr 16 14:05:54 UTC 2012

Hi, I'm suffering extreme performance problems with getaddrinfo being 
used by ipset to do conversions from IP textual strings to number.  
Although the IP address is textual there is a reverse DNS lookup 
performed and in the event that my resolver is slow, this is sometimes 
taking 60seconds or so to return

(specifics are the box has multiple internet connections, if one 
connection is dead we need ipset to force use of another connection, but 
ipset does a reverse lookup down the dead connection which seems to take 
lots of multi-sec timeout)

Is anyone sitting on a patch to optimise getaddrinfo for the situation 
of hint = AI_NUMERICHOST ?  Otherwise I will investigate, but would 
appreciate a helping hand from someone more familiar with the code?  
Willing to pay for a fix?

Many thanks

Ed W

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