[ANNOUNCE] uClibc- released

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Apr 15 20:01:01 UTC 2012


>> Ed's been making ebuilds of late
> hello. i've attached my (outdated) ebuilds which
> has some tweaks to allow i.e. glib to build (but not only).
> basically some options were left away in ebuild , i can't recall
> well which (diffing should revail...)
> there is also nptl ebuild from another (experimental) chroot jail
> orbit ebuild which fixes building ipv6 with uclibc
> (with patch), glib 2.26 fix , mini-iconv, and uclibc- ebuild
> allowing to build nptl and locale enabled uclibc for use with 
> glib-enabled system - though it's hacked to "just work" , and is not 
> syntax-correct.
> there were mainly missing uclibc options added via setopt, but without 
> expanding USE flags correctly.

Can all gentoo users please try out ebuild from here:

Please thrash it and pass feedback.  Probably the default config 
creation stuff is flawed, I don't use it, so feedback appreciated.  
Please also experiment with the iconv stuff (and enable appropriate 
config options).  The patches there allow uclibc iconv and locale to 
build actually *on* a uclibc system (so you can bootstrap from 
nothing).  iconv is imperfect (git has a decent test), but shows promise

With this version of uclibc and nptl, at least on x86 I can build pretty 
much anything I tried with at most minor build tweaks needed.  Glib 
builds fine, gettext works ok (although you need to pick your version), 
I can build avahi for example (needs a bunch of tricky dependencies).  
Hardened works completely on x86 (and some others) - you will need a 
slightly tweaked gcc ebuild to unlock SSP, but even the in-tree builds 
apply PIE.  Fantastic work from the uclibc guys!

Gentoo is massively blocked on an old uclibc - please test this version 
and hopefully with some positive feedback Mike will consider pushing it 
(or Anthony Basile may push forward a simpler ebuild - either way it's a 

Testing please!

Ed W

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