OpenRISC submission.

Balint Cristian rezso at
Thu Jan 5 03:10:06 PST 2006

Hello !

    Let me introduce myself, i am one of developer wich contribute to projects
especialy working on porting toolchains for OpenRISC cpu. OpenRISC is 
a FPGA syntesiable completly opensource CPU wich is in the class of
other porprietary leon, nios,ublaze,mips,arm cpus, with the exception that 
this one is really
opensourced, and is used by crowd of entusiast but olso used by big 
companies in their
silicon projects replacing proprietary mips/arm cores.
    Now, we are working to submitt as much posible code to the official 

    I want to ask maintainers on this list, basicaly what steps and what 
requirement need
to folow to have OpenRISC suport in uclibc tree ?


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