busybox whois broken for IP address queries

fortuna fortuna at up.nl.eu.org
Thu Sep 26 11:17:42 UTC 2019

Without this code on lines 79 to 91:

     if (!success && !pfx[0]) {
          * Looking at /etc/jwhois.conf, some whois servers use
          * "domain = DOMAIN", "DOMAIN ID <DOMAIN>"
          * and "domain=DOMAIN_WITHOUT_LAST_COMPONENT"
          * formats, but those are rare.
          * (There are a few even more contrived ones.)
          * We are trying only "domain DOMAIN", the typical one.
         pfx = "domain ";
         bufpos = 0;
         goto again;

whois.c starts working for IP address queries without affecting domain 
name queries as the user can specify this prefix on the command line.

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