I have this small DNS

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Dec 31 23:06:36 UTC 2005

On Saturday 31 December 2005 07:04, Roberto A. Foglietta wrote:
> Odd Arild Olsen wrote:
> > Oooops, try the new version:
> >
> > http://www.oao.no/filer/scdns-20.tgz
> >
> > or just change the single line:
>   The first number of the ip happen to be cut off

Ok, I thought that my email dump was incomplete because the server was down 
for three days while I was busy in New York, but it turns out that the web 
archive of the busybox mailing list didn't get this message eather.

Odd and Robert: I'm going to try to release -pre2 tomorrow.  It's not going to 
be complete, but I've put it off too long already and I'm going be be busy 
all this coming week.  (I'm going to dive into getting 1.1.0 ready as soon as 
I get back to Austin, but at this point that won't be before Friday.)

So the question is, can you guys get me a patch against current CVS by 
tomorrow to get into -pre2?  (I'd really like to have the difference between 
-pre2 and 1.1.0-final _just_ be bugfixes, primarily the ones listed in the 
Evil Web Thing.)

I may also bug Erik to see if I can perpetrate some kind of "Not gonna fix it 
for 1.1" against some of the bugs in the Evil Web Thing (such as all the 
"license violation" ones) so I can run a search to see how many _real_ ones 
are left instead of having to maintain it as a text file...

Anyway, if you want DNS in 1.1 (and certainly do), could you give me a patch 
that applies to current -svn, please?

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