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Rob Landley rob at
Fri Dec 30 23:26:28 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 27 December 2005 00:21, alfred hitch wrote:
> I am surprised noone has observed this. Is everyone using a big log
> file on their boxes ?

In my case I don't use syslogd at all.

> 2) If one is to not write to flash very often for log messages. How
> does one works around to get messages across reboots for crashes /
> other info etc ?
> delayed writes (again will miss out of last cycle before crash ?)?

You have a conceptual problem here.  If you want to delay and batch writes 
from a filesystem to the underlying block device, laptop mode does what you 
want already.  But if you're worried that a crash will happen between the 
time a log entry is generated and the time it gets written out, then you have 
to write it out before the crash might happen.

The kernel gives you this knob.  Twiddling this knob merely exchanges one kind 
of suck for another.

> Regards,
> Alfred

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