[PATCH]passwd: size reduction and clean up

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Fri Dec 30 12:16:39 UTC 2005


>>>>>-			fprintf(stderr, "Incorrect password.\n");
>>>>>+			bb_error_msg("Incorrect password.");
>>>>>-		fprintf(stderr, "Passwords do not match.\n");
>>>>>+		bb_error_msg("Passwords do not match.");
>>>>May be best if not change this?
>>>why ?
>>The Passwd utulity is unlike nonterminal. For hack this many people
>>using "expect". bb_error_msg("eror_msg") produce "utility_name: error_msg"
>>and unexpect for "expect" ;-)
> this fprintf + expect stuff applies only to this two messages?


> if yes i'll revert them in Bernard's 02 patch and add mike's
> comment.

Revert? SVN have not fresh update of "passwd"


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