[PATCH]passwd: size reduction and clean up

Tito farmatito at tiscali.it
Thu Dec 29 00:49:52 UTC 2005

I know that we are in feature freeze, but this patch is trivial...
The patch changes:

a) getopt -> bb_getopt_ulflags
b) fprintf(stderr ... -> bb_error_msg/bb_perror_msg
c) some minor hacks to save space.
d) adds a GPL license text
e) adds some CLEANUP stuff

Size reduction is:
  text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
   3243       0     160    3403     d4b passwd.o.orig
   3025       0     160    3185     c71 passwd.o

I tested the patch a few times on my box and it worked fine.

Please take a look at it and apply or save for 1.2.

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