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Robin Farine robin.farine at
Wed Dec 28 12:34:25 UTC 2005

On Wednesday December 28 2005 11:17, alfred hitch wrote:

> I had seen long time back for example a bug with flash that
> unless you power cycle , if flash happened to be in some read
> mode or something it will remain so, if there was just a
> processor reset.
> Does flash for example has a RST pin ? If yes, then it should
> take care of this ?

Some processor-flash combination fails to restart when the CPU's 
reset_out pin is tied to the flash reset pin because the CPU does 
not respect the flash reset timing. The CPU tries to read 
instructions from the flash too soon after it has released its 
reset_out signal and thus reads random data from the flash.

With such a problematic combination, an external reset circuitry is 
required. Otherwise, a power cycle is the only way out.


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