syslog basic querry

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at
Wed Dec 28 10:17:40 UTC 2005

> Reset is fine, no matter if it's caused by a soft reboot  or  a  hard
> reset. You will lose the log buffer when power cycling, though.

In my system, hardware guys have a power cycle issued on a watchdog expiry.
Is it normal ? reason given to me is that unless there is a power
cycle peripherals will not reset ? Is it normal ?
In current case, I believe RAM contents will be lost for sure wont they be ?

And, if not, any known issues in having reset line driven high by
external watchdog  circuitry instead of power cycle ?
I had seen long time back for example a bug with flash that unless you
power cycle , if flash happened to be in some read mode or something
it will remain so, if there was just a processor reset.
Does flash for example has a RST pin ? If yes, then it should take
care of this ?


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