fork in init.c

Lei Sun lei_sun at
Wed Dec 28 04:41:34 UTC 2005

   I am using busybox-1.0.1, my uClibc is configured with NO MMU. The init crashed my uClinux box, when it went into run() routine and tried to fork(). 
   I added  "#define fork    vfork " statement, but didn't do any good.
My questions are:
1. As I remebered, in previous version, the init is using vfork if compiling against mmu-less machine,  why is it removed in latest release? 
2. Any plan to update the init.c for a vfork safe version?
3. Is there any other version init (for example, sysvinit, maybe) that has been ported to mmu-less platform (with uClibc and uClinux)?

Right now I boot up my uClinux box with msh, with "SIGSEGV" showed up after each exectution of the busybox command.

Thank you!

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