Ftpgetput.c mod

Roberto A. Foglietta me at roberto.foglietta.name
Tue Dec 27 09:11:58 UTC 2005

Mark Richards ha scritto:
> I can't take it anymore!! :)
> Quite some time ago I fixed/changed ftpgetput.c so that ftpput will work
> from a directory other than the source file.  

_All I wrote below is AFAIK, keep in mind I am a bb newbie me too_

  For the future you could follow this steps to report/submit a patch

  1) open an account on

  2) login ad start a submit issue

  3) submit a bug report giving us the istructions to reproduce the bug

  4) eventually submit your patch using "diff -pru"

  5) wrote in this ml

  I hope this help.


  The submited patch about ftpgetput fixes also

  - ftpput help/info now use remote-directory instead remote-file which
    are confusing because rename file during upload is not possible.

  - a typo in a function name

  *** ATTENTION TO 2nd PATCH ***

  I would change ftpget argument order from

  ftpput remote-host local-file remote-file


  ftpput remote-host remote-file local-file

  but it would broke shell scripts compatibility with previous version.
  So I left this change in a different patch, if you apply it please 
care to inform the users.

Roberto A. Foglietta
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