Cannot reboot from busybox

Rob Landley rob at
Fri Dec 23 22:15:33 UTC 2005

On Friday 23 December 2005 13:03, John Kelly wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 11:50:05 -0600, Rob Landley <rob at>
> wrote:
> >I don't remember us having fixed this problem already, but I'd like
> >to rule it out first when we're this close to a release.
> There seems to be a flurry of bug activity here near the end of the
> year.  Maybe January 1st is not a good choice of release date.

I've noticed this.

> Are we trying to meet a corporate style deadline?

Nope, I've never been paid a dime for my busybox work (although I just got a 
new job that involves busybox so I won't be able to say that much longer).  I 
just need a deadline to have actual releases occur.

> Why January 1st?

Well, when said that I didn't expect to be traveling for a job interview, get 
sick, and then be out of town for the holidays.  I also didn't expect closing 
out the existing bug list to spawn several new ones. :)

> And why cut a release with known serious bugs, when another release
> will be needed six to eight weeks later, just to fix those bugs?

I don't intend to cut a release with known serious bugs.  If necessary, I'd 
pull a couple all-nighters to clear them out.  (Don't underestimate how much 
I can do under the influence of deadlines and lots of caffeine.)

That said, at this point I'm thinking the January 1 thing is going to have to 
be -pre2 with the real release a couple weeks later.

But _something_ is going out Jan 1.  Grrr.

> Cutting a release may bring more testers, and bugs, scurrying out of
> the woodwork.  Maybe 1.1.0 will be the "big bug test" release.  Seems
> like extra work for you, though.

Whenever you do a release new people start using it and then you get new bug 
reports.  It always works that way.  I just want to clear out the bugs we 
_know_ about first.  And without a big push, releases don't happen.

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