Cannot reboot from busybox

IraqiGeek geek at
Thu Dec 22 15:46:59 UTC 2005

On Thursday, December 22, 2005 12:15 PM GMT,
Roberto A. Foglietta <me at> wrote:

> IraqiGeek ha scritto:
>> Hi all,
>> I am building a small Linux system around busybox. The system boots
>> fine, the applets work fine apart from the halt and reboot. I am
>> using the boot scripts from ttyLinux, which also uses busybox. When
>> I run the reboot or halt applet I get the message "reboot: no
>> process killed" in the case of reboot. Are there any specific
>> applets, or options that I need to select before compiling busybox
>> or any changes to any of the bootscripts I am using?
>> I have done some googling about this, but couldn't come across any
>> page that
>> helped solving this.
>  mount /proc should resolve, in my case had resolved even I am not
> happy about need of proc for reboot.

Already mounted, and working fine. I guess we can rule that one out.

>  After mounting /proc reboot could fails for some other reasons:
>  - hw reboot sometimes need acpi/apm has been activated by software
> (not kernel, only) before reboot or shutdown
>  - in some hw BIOS is buggy and hang/freeze instead of reboot happen.

I am doing all the testing on a VMware virtual machine, no ACPI, and no
buggy BIOS are involved. reboot doesnt hang, it just does nothing.

I am running another Linux virtual machine, which is a copy of the one I am
using for this testing, based on ttyLinux, only using the Busybox build of
ttyLinux, instead of doing my own build and that one reboots like a charm
(same boot scripts, and using the same vanilla kernel that I built
for the LFS system that I am using for all development and compilation
work). I have checked the busybox.links file of that build against mine, and
apart from a couple of irrelevant applets (hdparm, fdformat, for example),
there arent any applets that are available on the ttyLinux build that are
missing from mine (I went through the help of each missing applet to make

Finally, though I doubt its of any relevance, I am using wrappers instead of
hard or soft links to call busybox. Just in case, I called reboot and halt
directly by running "busybox reboot" and "busybox halt", and still the
system refused to reboot.


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