Cannot reboot from busybox

Roberto A. Foglietta me at
Thu Dec 22 12:15:01 UTC 2005

IraqiGeek ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I am building a small Linux system around busybox. The system boots fine,
> the applets work fine apart from the halt and reboot. I am using the boot
> scripts from ttyLinux, which also uses busybox. When I run the reboot or
> halt applet I get the message "reboot: no process killed" in the case of
> reboot. Are there any specific applets, or options that I need to select
> before compiling busybox or any changes to any of the bootscripts I am
> using?
> I have done some googling about this, but couldn't come across any page 
> that
> helped solving this.

  mount /proc should resolve, in my case had resolved even I am not 
happy about need of proc for reboot.

  After mounting /proc reboot could fails for some other reasons:

  - hw reboot sometimes need acpi/apm has been activated by software 
(not kernel, only) before reboot or shutdown

  - in some hw BIOS is buggy and hang/freeze instead of reboot happen.

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