modutils and 2.4 kernel broken?

yan seiner yan at
Mon Dec 19 12:53:53 UTC 2005

Yann E. MORIN wrote:

>Hello all!
>On Friday 16 December 2005 162, yan seiner wrote:
>>Is insmod support for 2.4 kernels broken in the recent busybox releases?
>>I keep getting error messages about query_module....
>>Both 1.00 and 1.01 give the following error:
>I didn't check on 1.0x, but I've got a setup that works OK with 1.01 and

Yann & all:

I recompiled the kernel and busybox 1.1.0 pre1 with a new toolchain 
based on GCC 3.4.4, libc 2.3.5, and kernel headers from 2.6.14, and the 
problem appears to have gone away.

I will do some more testing, but at this point it appears that the issue 
is gcc or possibly kernel headers related.


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