[PATCH] 415  vlock accepts any passwd when using shadow

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Dec 18 20:36:51 UTC 2005

On Sunday 18 December 2005 08:23, Tito wrote:
> Hi,
> This fixes bug 415  vlock accepts any passwd when using shadow.
> The bug was due to an incorrect use of sizeof and seems to be there
> from the very first Revision 4961 in svn

Got it.

Their other use of strncmp is gratuitous and wrong too.  (I don't _think_ 
their intent was to accept -abracadabra as well as just -a, and if they were 
doing it for size saving a four byte constant and passing one less argument 
on the stack is in fact smaller.  The "-a" string going to be null terminated 
either way...)

Applied, svn 12949.

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