mdev now has config file support.

Rob Landley rob at
Sat Dec 17 22:24:18 UTC 2005

On Saturday 17 December 2005 09:23, Aurelien Jacobs wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 06:51:06 -0600
> Rob Landley <rob at> wrote:
> > 530  Build of telnet.c fails with older compilers
> >   Check.
> I just checked this one. The patch is right. It only contained
> a small indentation issue. So I fixed it and attached the corrected
> patch.
> Someone should commit it and close the bug.
> Aurel

Except that patch doesn't apply to current subversion because it seems this 
issue has already been fixed by yanking "flags" completely and just doing the 
getopt in the if statement.  (Since there's only one argument we care about 

svn 12553, from pgf, on Nov 28.

And that's why auditing these takes time.  You have to look at the current 
code, because even if the patch did fix the problem when it was posted, and 
even if the patch was a good way to fix the problem, it may not longer be 
relevant if it's a few months old or vs 1.01...

Still, that's one more I can close out now. :)

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