Houston, we have warnings.

Sam Robb uclibc at oneparticularharbor.net
Thu Dec 15 18:21:49 UTC 2005

> Hmmm, that should almost never actually be _required_.  The only reason we do 
> the #if around the static declarations in the first place is that GCC is too 
> _blitheringly_ stupid to realize that if a function is static, and never 
> called from anywhere in this file, then you don't actually have to link a 
> copy of that function's code in the final executable.  (Really.  You don't.  
> It can't be called, ever, from anywhere.)

Rob - just curious, but I ran a (very simple) test with gcc 3.4.4 and
didn't see the behavior you described.  Is it possible that gcc
including the function source code is a side effect of some other
issue that can be worked around?  Or are more recent versions of
gcc just slightly less blitheringly stupid than their ancestors?


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