Bugs for Vladimir.

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Thu Dec 15 08:49:46 UTC 2005


> 421  httpd applet in non-inet mode creates zombies

Its may be confuse if careless analize source.
See notes. This bug must close.

 > 576  inetd does not set argv[0]

Its mistake by bugreporter. This bug don`t present.
Must close.

> 402  httpd in inetd mode: POST from IE (6) ends up in 'cannot display page'
>   IE expects the server to wait for _it_ to close the connection.  Especially
>   in http 1.1 mode.  Perhaps use the same timeout you would for the start of
>   the connection?

It have corrected very old: Feb 23 2004 svn 8555.

> 190  add proper CGI support to the busybox httpd

Its feature, but code do not like for me.

> 186  HTTP responses contain LF instead of CRLF; CGI protocol violation

May be ;-)


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