libbb shared library

John Kelly jakelly at
Thu Dec 15 04:20:32 UTC 2005

It would be nice if libbb was a shared library.  I use four busybox
configs and corresponding binaries:

1) busybox.suid  (mode 4755)  login, passwd, and su
2) busybox.priv  (mode  750)  many utilities, root user only
3) busybox.nosh  (mode  755)  many utilities, all users, no shell
4) busybox       (mode  755)  only ash, echo, and test

I know about /etc/busybox.conf, but I prefer the method above.

The size of shared code seems to be approximately 15k, so without a
shared library, four binaries require an extra 45k to 50k.  That's not
much, unless you want to fit a bootable system in a small space.

My $0.02 from the peanut gallery. :-)

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