Darn bug collector.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Dec 12 05:14:20 UTC 2005

It seems that "bugs.busybox.net" is indeed a rich source of bugs, although in 
itself rather than in busybox.  Earlier today it was timing out on me.  Then 
it did some strange javascript thing (or something) that caused konqueror to 
eat CPU until I killed it.  I tried again and it just _hung_.  (I have no 
idea why, and I've stopped asking.)

If somebody with access to the bug generator (which, currently, I can't 
honestly say I have, despite having an account) would like to close these 
out, that would be nice:

550  MAP_SHARED in insmod causes problems in uClinux
  svn 12711

529  Syntax (macro definition) error stops build
  svn 12715

498  mount loop device support broken
  This one's wasn't our bug in the first place.  He had devfs support enabled 
on a non-devfs system, which breaks stuff.

494  ash prompt corruption
  svn 11650 (vodz, 2005-09-26)

568  vi displays inserted text incorrectly.
  svn 11477 (pgf, 2005-09-16)

406  1.01 won't build with shadow passwords disabled
  Not a problem in 1.1

304  sometimes rmmod is unable to remove modules
  svn 12546

468  rmmod does not report failure
 svn 12836

467  rmmod does not handle -w and -f flags
  svn 12551

362  insmod chatter
  svn 12838

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