rcS shell?

Siddharth Taneja staneja at packetdesign.com
Sat Dec 10 19:12:19 UTC 2005

> On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 10:52:00PM -0800, Siddharth Taneja wrote:
>> PLATFORM =`customscript -p`
> the space after the var name is illegal
> PLATFORM=`customscript -p`
>> if [ $PLATFORM = "myplat"] ; then
> everyone else already pointed out the space you're missing here
> however, you should also quote $PLATFORM because if it contains spaces,
> it will trigger errors too
> if [ "$PLATFORM" = "myplat" ] ; then
> -mike
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Hi All,

Thanks for the reply.

The code that I wrote here was just an example code and I am sure that the
original code is syntactically correct.

But the problem is that the *same* code which was running fine for years
through rcS with BB_INIT and BB_LINUXRC options (BB default shell msh)
does not work when it is put in linuxrc ( BB is not configured with
BB_INIT and BB_LINUXRC optins and the defalt shell is still msh).

This is the reason why I am wondering if a script executed through rcS
uses a different setting (like some other shell) with the proper
enviornment setup while with linuxrc it is not so.



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