Darn broken bug tracking system.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu Dec 8 00:18:38 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 17:37, Paul Fox wrote:
> i'm afraid busybug doesn't help with searching, unless
> "busybug list | grep foo" counts as searching.

I finally defeated the sucker in single combat and got the info I needed out 
of it.

Currently triaging.  Here's how far I made it before going to dinner. :)

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I do not think it means what you think it means.
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550  MAP_SHARED in insmod causes problems in uClinux
  svn 12711 (me, today)

529  Syntax (macro definition) error stops build
  svn 12715 (me, today)

498  mount loop device support broken
  This one's wasn't our bug in the first place.  He had devfs support enabled,
  which breaks stuff.

494  ash prompt corruption
  svn 11650 (vodz, 2005-09-26)

568  vi displays inserted text incorrectly.
  svn 11477 (pgf, 2005-09-16)

406  1.01 won't build with shadow passwords disabled
  Not a problem in 1.1

Fix this (or confirm already fixed):

585  gzip enters infinite busy loop when decompressing a corrupted file

   bb_full_read() is evil.

496  Gunzip do not report correclty when uncompressing a corrupted gz file
   Similar to 585.

577  Two minor format string problems in ln (private)
576  inetd does not set argv[0]

549  Wrong SUID handling when invoking busybox binary directly

  Definitely fix, but the patch is wrong.  The busybox multiplexer needs
  suid, but check_suid should be called when it runs the real applet.

547  tar archive corruption when packing unreadable files

  Two fixes: get the error code right and check access _before_ writing the

543  switch_root fails
  Sigh, my fault.  Check in the right version.

534  "mount -t auto " broken
  You _allowed_ to specify "-t auto"?  Who knew?

531  Several link errors when creating flat executable file
  Yeah.  Fix this.

530  Build of telnet.c fails with older compilers

488  init does not reap zombies when running actions

486  busybox wget prepends a '/' to ftp URL's pathname, unlike GNU wget

485  ftpget fetches 0 bytes if ftp server does not support SIZE command
  Check, but we _really_ need to unify the wget/ftpget implementation in 1.2.

468  rmmod does not report failure

467  rmmod does not handle -w and -f flags

461  PATCH: route accept bit netmask (x.x.x.x/netmask)

449  Uninitialized variable in hush shell

428  Extra space character (0x20) is added to last string option

421  httpd applet in non-inet mode creates zombies

415  vlock accepts any passwd when using shadow

410  memory leak in coreutils/md5_sha1_sum.c

408  tar.c and init.c error - small patch
  probably already fixed, but make sure.

403  "ifup -a" seems to ignore up/down/pre-up/pre-down in /etc/network/interfaces
402  httpd in inetd mode: POST from IE (6) ends up in 'cannot display page'
395  GNU/kFreeBSD support
394  cp doesn't exit with an error if there isn't enough space left on device
389  Please modify "logread" in Busybox so that it flushes its output
379  Control-C (SIGINT) is ignored or creates zombie processes
373  bb_askpass doesn't flush stdin
362  insmod chatter
356  Answering ARP with invalid response when queried by firewall
355  ZyXEL Kernel /BusyBox GPL violation?
354  Link fails with CONFIG_FEATURE_MOUNT_LOOP
347  tar: Decompression failed returns exit status 0 even error happened
324  start-stop-daemon failed to start up syslogd
316  CONFIG_ symbol collision with linux 2.4 kernel autoconf.h
310  chmod & chown mixup of permissions with symlinks
309  ping -s n localhost , with n smaller then 6 results in wrong timing results
304  sometimes rmmod is unable to remove modules
282  The mount atime and diratime options set all the mount flags
281  mount -at <type> mounts all the file systems, not just those of type <type>
280  [PATCH] Kill annoying log messages in udhcp-client
279  [PATCH] On-demand net module loading fails with CONFIG_FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_IP
278  [PATCH] on-demand module loading fails with 2.6.X
277  Added IPv6 support for tftp and telnet client and a few more new features for both clients (see below)
276  Linux 2.6 module autoloading breaks when support for 2.4 modules is disabled
272  modprobe does not process parameters
251  broadcast address isn't recalculated if ifconfig of a network address with a non-standard netmask
250  gzipping N files produces N-1 bad gz files
249  constify patch
243  cp clone special files instead of copying from them, for example /dev/null
241  Statusbar not working in stdout output mode for wget
238  RPM uses MMAP which may not be portable.
230  pre-emptible 2.6 kernels cannot use busybox "insmod".
228  chown on symlink
225  Implement support for -S and -b flags to `ln' binary.
224  Add --reverse option to run-parts
190  add proper CGI support to the busybox httpd
186  HTTP responses contain LF instead of CRLF; CGI protocol violation
180  ping output is buffered
169  "tar" with a directory argument doesn't extract the directory recursively
154  Possible problem with ARP implementation
145  Fix strange behavior when issue df with pseudo root device(/dev/root).
136  expr get weird results with long numbers
125  Compile Busybox without MMU failed.
112  awk system() returns 256 multipled value
106  Allow Syslog Remote Connections
85  BusyBox 1,0 ftpput and source file path names
77  uuencode do not work correctly for standart uuencoding (not base64)
76  Defined header CONFIG_FEATURE_DEVPTS from config.h doesn't take effect in telnetd.c

Category: would be nice.

102  problem with large fdisk partitions


    System: Familiar Linux 0.8.1 snapshot, running on an iPAQ 3955.
    Running Busybox's fdisk on a 1GB SD card creates a valid partition table,
    but putting a filesystem > 256MB on any partition results in Busybox's fdisk
    being unable to read the partition table (tested for ext2, ext3, reiserfs).
    Likwise, if the card is formatted on a desktop with regular GNU fdisk,
    Busybox's fdisk can't read the partition table, which shows up fine in GNU
    fdisk. The upshot is that the partitions with filesystems can't be mounted
    via Busybox. Any partitions created that are < 256MB are automounted and
    work normally, although df -h gives incorrect information. 

    Additional Information    The desktop testing system uses a SanDisk
    ImageMate reader/writer, and runs Debian "sarge" release.
    The exact size threshold may not be correct: I didn't try to pin down where
    the change occurs, but I had difficulties with partitions of 1GB, 750MB, and
    640MB, so it's possible the threshold is at 512MB.


    The current busybox fdisk needs to be thrown out and replaced, for reasons
    discussed on the list.  Patching this problem would be nice, but it needs
    a complete rewrite in 1.2 so fixing the current code is not my highest

58  Compiling ash.c with DEBUG defined generates link error
  A) Don't do that then.
  B) I intend to reimplement the shell situation in 1.2.

465  [PATCH] Options to nc for setting DiffServ DSCP and VLAN user-priority
  It's a new feature, but small.

436  Duplicate messages suppressing
  make sure it's configurable...

new features:

505  Add support for one applet being setuid for only some users

  A) New features we haven't started on should hold off until 1.2.
  B) This would be sudo, no?

115  ifenslave


18  Could not compile vi.c as Standalone
  A) I really don't care.
  B) make standalone, queued up for 1.2 for all applets.

478  Three patches to Busybox 1.01
  New features.  Maybe the ping -f one is relevant to 1.1...

407  Debian's update-alternatives
  new feature.

132  Implement fork using longjmp
  New feature, and quite possibly a libc issue.

158  libbb, export it and callable from c program.
  This is queued for 1.2.

455  inetd may leak sockets
  Inetd is vodz's responsibility.  He did a large gratuitous shuffle of
  the code after this bug was entered, apparently to make it bigger.
  I had this flamewar already.  I'm not touching it.  Not my problem.  Bug vodz.

14  ZipIt wireless IM device using Busybox-1.00-pre1
  Why is this in the bug system?  What am I supposed to do about it?
  This is not a bug in busybox, this is a bug in ZipIt.

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