Darn broken bug tracking system.

Paul Fox pgf at brightstareng.com
Wed Dec 7 23:37:06 UTC 2005

 > Ok, I have the most recent 50 bugs, but if click on the "how many" field and 
 > tell it to show me 999, it shows me 0-0 of 0.  With no other changes.  
 > MARVELOUS bug system.  (And it's all cookies and hidden form entries, so I 
 > can't try tweaking the URL to work around the bugs, or bookmark a link if I 
 > ever get it to work.)

for others who have trouble with the bug system (i'm pretty sure
rob has a copy), there's a a script i wrote (i call it "busybug")
which lets you do some primitive access directly from the command
line.  i posted it to the list a while ago, and i don't seem to
have made any changes since then.  it's attached to this message


it has a lot fewer buttons and fields than the real bug system,
which is good:  you'll be less tempted to try and use them.  ;-)

it uses elinks to do http fetching, so you'll need to have that
installed.  i looked at switching it to wget, but for some reason
i can't remember, it was easier to leave it alone.  (i think it
was just that elinks gives screen rendering that wget doesn't

"busybug list" gives a complete list of unresolved busybox bugs.

"busybug 43" gives the description for #43, somewhat obfuscated
                by elinks adornment.

"busybug -a 43" lists the available file attachments, lets you
                choose one if there's more than one, and then
                lets you either save it or display it.  this
                is usually better than trying to cut and paste
                from the bug system screen.

i'm afraid busybug doesn't help with searching, unless
"busybug list | grep foo" counts as searching.

 paul fox, pgf at brightstareng.com

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