Kernel headers trouble

Rob Landley rob at
Tue Dec 6 23:05:58 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 16:11, Tito wrote:
> > Would something like the attached work for you (untested)
> Hi,
> I think yes, it is about the same as i did but with another prefix (
> BB_CONFIG vs ENABLE_). Let Rob decide which one he likes better.

It's not a question of aesthetics.  The problem is that CONFIG_ says the 
symbol has a certain type of semantics, and ENABLE_ says it has a different 
type of semantics.

CONFIG symbols are either #defined to y, or #undefined.  ENABLE symbols are 
always defined, to either 1 or 0.  They get used in different ways.
  #ifdef ENABLE_BLAH
will always be true.
  if(CONFIG_FEATURE_BLAH && othertest) thingy();
will break the build if the feature is switched off.

Renaming a CONFIG_ symbol to ENABLE_ without changing its semantics is wrong.  
Renaming CONFIG to BB_CONFIG breaks the pattern but doesn't actually violate 
it.  (It makes me wince because you have have to learn that BB_CONFIG works 
like CONFIG.  It's ok because it's still within the realm of the easily 
guessable, but I'd rather it be uniformly obvious than make them guess in the 
first place.)

> Ciao,
> Tito

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