[buildroot] $(STRIP) --strip-unneeded on a SHARED library...WHY?

Paul Fox pgf at brightstareng.com
Tue Dec 6 16:44:56 UTC 2005

 > > -$(STRIP) --strip-unneeded $(TARGET_DIR)/lib/libdb*so*
 > > 
 > > which is not fine, because all symbol information from the libraries is now 
 > > removed, and whenever a linker tries linking against thusly stripped 
 > > libraries, you get "undefined symbol..." errors.
 > cant say ive had this issue before and as solar pointed out, we've been
 > using --strip-unneeded on *all* shared libraries for quite a long time
 > now without any linking issues

we use --strip-unneeded too, and it's fine.  but it's fine for
runtime.  is it perhaps the case that libraries stripped like
that can no longer be used in development?

 paul fox, pgf at brightstareng.com

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