Kernel headers trouble

Tito farmatito at
Tue Dec 6 14:49:11 UTC 2005

I put thogether a simple script (attached) to check clashes in kernel headers.
Usage is: [-v] PATH_TO_applets.h  PATH_TO_KERNEL_HEADERS_DIR
Options: -v                             Be verbose

The result when running it against my kernel headers ( created 
with make-kpkg are:

root at localhost:/dev/pts/0:/root/Desktop/busybox/include# ./ -v  applets.h /usr/src/kernel-headers
Pass 1

CONFIG_TR conflicts with kernel headers

/usr/src/kernel-headers/include/linux/autoconf.h:1482:#define CONFIG_TR 1
 /usr/src/kernel-headers/include/config/tr.h:1:#define CONFIG_TR 1

CONFIG_WATCHDOG conflicts with kernel headers

/usr/src/kernel-headers/include/linux/autoconf.h:1975:#define CONFIG_WATCHDOG 1 
/usr/src/kernel-headers/include/config/watchdog.h:1:#define CONFIG_WATCHDOG 1

Pass 2

Pass 3

Pass 4

So it seems a good idea to change CONFIG_TR and CONFIG_WATCHDOG to CONFIG_BB_*
before the next release.
Rob, if you want I can try to make a patch for it

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