"job control turned off" faq incomplete?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Dec 5 20:22:32 UTC 2005

On Monday 05 December 2005 11:32, Rory Vieira wrote:
> > That can have funky side effects, and is another reason to
> > use udev on tmpfs.
> > (My dumb little script to populate /dev from /sys is
> > attached.  I have a
> > version of this ported to C and a quick and dirty spec for a
> > config file
> > format for it that Solar and I worked out in IRC one evening,
> > but it's 1.2 material.)
> The script looks great. But doesn't this mean we need to mount /sys
> first?!?

Yeah, my initramfs does that for me.  You can add that to the start of the 
script if you want.  (Consider it GPL.)

I suppose I should add that to my mdev todo list.  Make sure /sys is 
mounted...  (Hmmm...  Probably just document the requirement that /sys 
and /dev be mounted before running mdev?  I don't think I want to glue _two_ 
mounts into mdev.  And that implies that all the symlink and directory 
creation belongs in whatever script mounts /sys and /dev.  Which means a 
scalable bbsh is important, which was already a high-profile todo item of 
mine for 1.2...)

I'll have to come up with an example initscript for this.  (In fact, I'm 
thinking of coming up with an example initramfs setup for busybox 1.2, 
complete with initramfs.txt for the cpio.gz to be generated from by the 
kernel build.  It'll need a working switch_root, mdev, init.sh, bbsh, and 
busybox and uclibc .config files...)

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