A set of scripts to make a live cd from your main setup.

sreekant kodela sreekant_kodela at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 19:31:07 UTC 2005

Hi Rob

> Is this dynamic (based on /sys) or static nodes?

I am not sure what that means! Basically
/etc/rc.d/mountcd searches the
oldstyle /dev/hdc etc, devfs style /dev/cdroms/cdrom?
etc and finds the cd
then mounts it as /cdrom.

Then the /etc/rc.d/links script links /cdrom/zz/lib/*
to /lib/ and /cdrom/zz/bin/* to /bin/ and
/cdrom/zz/usr to /usr etc. Finally it also can run

For storing the kernel modules on cdrom, I created
/lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION on live root and
/cdrom/zz/lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION is mount -o
bind'ed to /lib/modules...

So that the depmod and modprobe doesn't moan they are

Basically I am hoping to make a live cd that is easily
customizable in that you can put all your added
software on cdtree/zz and it will be available at run

Also next step would be to add a script during making
the live cd that will load a text file, parse it to
get the network details of each live cd. 

This should make, generating a bunch of live cd's each
with individual ip addresses and hostnames.

> qemu is highly cool, isn't it?

Indeed. I actually installed win2k on to a 1gb file
under linux. Very satisfying to be able to lie to
windows and if anything, it runs almost
as fast as win2k machines at work, even in emulation


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