"job control turned off" faq incomplete?

Rory Vieira rory.vieira at coolview.nl
Mon Dec 5 17:32:52 UTC 2005


> > I noticed that as long as my rootfs is readonly I got the 
> message. So 
> > the top two lines in my inittab were
> >   1. Mount /proc
> >   2. Remount root readwrite...
> >
> Lemme guess: /dev is on your read-only root filesystem, thus 
> tty0 is read 
> only, so it can't do things like chown it to belong to 
> whoever just logged 
> in?
Exactly :)

> That can have funky side effects, and is another reason to 
> use udev on tmpfs.  
> (My dumb little script to populate /dev from /sys is 
> attached.  I have a 
> version of this ported to C and a quick and dirty spec for a 
> config file 
> format for it that Solar and I worked out in IRC one evening, 
> but it's 1.2 material.)

The script looks great. But doesn't this mean we need to mount /sys first?!?


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