The design of mdev (mini-udev for busybox).

David Seikel won_fang at
Sun Dec 4 20:24:48 UTC 2005

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005 13:01:42 -0600 Rob Landley <rob at> wrote:

> Anyway, this is what I'm thinking about.  Comments?

I would add one more thing, probably for the initial -s scan.  Create
empty directories and empty files -

/path/to/directory/ 0:0 600
/path/to/file 0:0 600

Oh, and add ordinary links -

/path/to/link -> /path/to/file

Creating non existing directories as it goes.  The initial / separates
these from the device entries in the config file, and the trailing /
separates directories from files.

I have experimented with this sort of thing for My Linux, and found
that it helped to keep the size of my initrd down.  The extra code and
config file used less bytes than actual directory entries on the ram
disk.  Actually, I went one step further, I added the contents of short
text files with \n and \t expansion to the config file.  Don't know if
that should be included though, as it makes parsing the config file

Default owner, group, and permissions helped keep the config file size
down to.

I suspect this will not add much to mdev, as you have most of the
needed code already.

Stuff I have no control over could be added after this line.

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