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Rob Landley rob at
Sun Dec 4 17:53:27 UTC 2005

On Saturday 03 December 2005 04:12, walter harms wrote:
> hi rob,
> so far i know linksys is a mips system.

I thought it was arm, but haven't personally played with it.

> they have a working linux dist for linksys systems.

They have several.  Until recently, linksys boxes were based on Linux.  But 
their most recent generation of hardware has half as much memory and half as 
much flash as previous versions, and they went with vxworks instead to fit in 
the smaller footprint.  (The link I gave mentions some of this...)

> i do not know if for that particular type. 
> perhaps you can add a sections like "linux embedded dist" to

Ask Erik, he used to track this kind of thing when he had more time.  (I 
believe his wife was using a modified linksys router with a distro he put 
together, but this is secondhand and a while ago...)

> re,
>   walter

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