Need help in compiling on cygwin

Rob Landley rob at
Thu Dec 1 23:30:23 UTC 2005

On Thursday 01 December 2005 09:53, Pius wrote:
> hello,
> I try to compile busybox 1.01 on a out-of-the-box cygwin installation. but
> I am not successful.

I don't have cygwin (I don't do windows) but I'll take a look.

> some errors are here...

Pasting them into the email would have been easier on us.


It's complaining that sockaddr_in isn't defined.  We're getting it from 
sys/socket.h, but apparently cygwin isn't.  Did you try an explicit #include 
<netinet/in.h> towards the top of libbb.h?


This one's application specific: vi is unhappy.  Let's see...

We #include <signal.h>, and that _really_ should define SIGIOT.  On Linux it 
seems to be a synonym for SIGABRT, try substituting that one instead and see 
if it's happy?

> I would appreciate tips and hints to get it compiled. I tried with
> make allyesconfig; make dep; make

Try "make allnoconfig" and add just what you need.  You're likely to have 
problems on a per-applet basis because none of this stuff has ever been 
tested in your environment, and windows provides a flaky emulation of unix at 
best.  (I'd be amazed if you can get losetup to work, for example.  let alone 

> perhaps I miss a trick, but i could not find anything in the documentation
> nor on the web or mailing list.

I don't think anyone's ever done this before. :)

In theory it should work, we've just never tried it...

> (not quite true.. I have changed the user $HOME to a shorter path in
> /etc/passwd, as there was a discussion about too long path somewhere on the
> web)

I'm unaware of this being a problem for us.  Might be for cygwin...

> thanks
> dan

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