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Wed Aug 31 22:00:45 UTC 2005

Dear Paul,

in message <9260.1125522925 at brightstareng.com> you wrote:
> i suspect you're only baiting here, because i suspect you know the
> answer.  i also agree with you in spirit -- to break such a construct

Call me stupid - but I have to  admit  that  I  did  *not*  know  the
answer. This was a real question.

> this is, of course, why the "[:alpha:]" style character classes
> were introduced -- they're independent of actual character collation
> sequence.

I was not aware of this. Reading the Pattern Matching section of  the
bash  again  I realize that you are right. I've been missing this all
the time.

> none of which is any help when all of one's scripts start breaking
> because some distribution changed the default LANG setting.  (i don't
> honestly know why the default was changed.  sure seems wrong to me.)

Indeed. What a mess.

Thanks for the explanation.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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