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In message <20050831141644.GB27326 at wotan.suse.de> you wrote:
> Depends on what you want to have. If the collating sequence for en_US.UTF-8
> is according to the dictionary (like it is for the german UTF-8). Then
> everything works perfect.
> What all the above example have in mind is the American ASCII code
> and the collating sequence according to the numeric value.
> If you want to have this you have to set LANG=C.
> So its not a bug its a feature.

I hear the words, but I'm afraid I don't understand.

Can please you explain how it is possible that '[a-z]*' matches "CVS"
or "Makefile"? What is the flow of logic,  and  where  is  the  place
where the folding of upper and lower case characters creeps in?

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