The darn bug tracking system.

Paul Fox pgf at
Tue Aug 30 18:08:44 UTC 2005

 > The login link is insecure, and attempting to replace the "http" in the url 
 > with "https://" does not give a happy result.  I'm assuming that if I logged 
 > in there might be some way to email bug submitters, but this is a wild guess 
 > on my part.

i'm not sure, but i think if you logged in that several of your
issues would go away.  i believe, for instance, that i get the
"busybox" project default every time, simply because it remembers
what i want to see.  likewise, if you don't want to see closed
bugs, you can change your default filter to hide "resolved (and

 > I figured out how to get it to show me more than 50 results at a time (if the 
 > list is too long that means we need to close bugs, not that we need to view 
 > small chunks of it).  And I found the "projects" pulldown in the upper right 
 > corner, but when I use that to select "busybox" it gives me a COMPLETELY 
 > DIFFERENT DISPLAY, one which only shows 10 bugs at a time and has no obvious 
 > way to show more, or to not do the 2 column thing...

well, i'm not sure where you're looking, but cliek the "show:" link to
edit the display count, and then "Apply Filter" to make it stick.

i just noticed that you can save filters by name, too, so you can
have different views if you want.  haven't tried that.

the other useful display (esp. if you don't like color, or are trying
to parse the results like my busybug script does) is to use the "Print
Reports" link -- the output's a little cleaner.

 paul fox, pgf at

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