[BusyBox] Busybox and setuid

Chris Kottaridis chriskot at quietwind.net
Mon Aug 22 19:14:40 UTC 2005

Maybe it's just the old sysadmin in me, but having to setuid root on
busybox for a couple of commands that need it, and thus having all
busybox commands run as setuid root, is just a bit scary.

Is there a configuration option that will build me two busybox'es ?

One built with all the non-setuid commands I need and all the
appropriate symlinks to it, and the other, called say subusybox, with
only the commands that setuid root built in it and links for that
command set to subusybox instead of busybox. This way only subusybox
would need to be setuid.

I realize I could do two builds myself and make this happen, but was
wondering if there is some automagical way to make this happen.

Is there some alternative way to separate setuid commands out from the
busybox non-setuid commands that I haven't thought of, short of just
building non-busybox versions of the setuid root commands ?
Chris Kottaridis <chriskot at quietwind.net>

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