[BusyBox] [patch] new applet mountpoint

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Fri Aug 19 07:29:17 UTC 2005

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 07:28:31PM -0500, Rob Landley wrote:
>On Thursday 18 August 2005 19:06, Jason Schoon wrote:
>> I think that would be cool. You can't change or modify the license, it must
>> be distributed in its entirety. However, I don't know of a clause that says
>> you must include it in any file, or that you can't simply point at the full
>> text elsewhere.
>The boilerplate is a recommendation, not a requirement.  If you follow the URL 
>to the license on the FSF website, you'll see that the license ends with "END 
>OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS" and then the page has a "How to Apply these Terms 
>and Conditions to your new programs" bit that people cut and paste the 
>boilerplate from.  But that's advisory, not part of the actual license terms 
>and conditions. :)

I just copied the boilerplate from another applet.

I agree with vapier that it is a bit verbose and that it might be enough
to replace it with the two line variant throughout the whole tree.
>Keep in mind the FSF has all its contributors sign over their copyrights to 
>the Free Software Foundation.  (You want to know why the Herd has been in 
>development for almost 20 years now but has yet to achieve as much as Linux 
>did in its first year?  They want you to fill out physical paperwork giving 
>up your ownership of the code in order to become a contributor to The Hurd.)

.. or to gcc for that matter. It's a bit uncommon, but if they feel like
being on the safe side for the certain projects wrt copyright
assignments, i can understand their position to some degree.

>Whatever the pros and cons may be, nobody else does that...

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