[BusyBox] ctrl+c not working for bash

Allan Clark allanc at chickenandporn.com
Thu Aug 18 08:53:27 UTC 2005

prashant waman wrote:

>Hi all,
>   my /etc/inittab contain
>now when system starts up init reads the inittab and
>runs /bin/bash and shows the prompt bash-2.024]
>but ctrl+c is not working for the shell. if i try to
>stop any custom program using ctrl+c, the program
>get interrupted by ctrl+c and terminates normally.
>what is the problem?
>and what should i do to overcome this?

Since you're posting to the busybox list, I'll assume you're using busybox.

Your console control might be due to the fact that you probably have no 
/dev/c1 device, but I could be wrong.  It might be somewhat related.  If 
you don't know what I mean, your answer is in the documentation of 
busybox.  It's available from the link "Documentation" on busybox.net, 
and is the first response when I blindly put "busybox inittab 
documentation" into google.

I regret if I've missed a previous post that shows you're using busybox 
with a traditional /sbin/init.

Good Luck!


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