[BusyBox] Probably a dumb question - but is there a c compiler with Busybox - or how to install?

Jason Schoon floydpink at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 18:38:43 UTC 2005

Busybox is really irrelevant to the equation here, it is just providing 
basic system utilities. It has nothing do with your build environment per 

I would check out the crosstool site (http://kegel.com/crosstool/) and 
documentation for help, since you are running on a different target that 
your host platform. There is a wealth of good tools and information there to 
bring you up to speed. I'm sure there are others as well, but Busybox is not 
really where you need to investigate.

On 8/17/05, Angus Comber <angus at iteloffice.com> wrote:
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> compiler
> with Busybox - or how to install?
> > Angus Comber wrote:
> >
> >> Hello
> >>
> >> Forgive my ignorance but I need to recompile some program on a busybox 
> -
> >> I have a busybox up and running. Do I need a cross compiler? Or can I
> >> just download a C compiler for busybox? From where?
> >
> > 1) What hardware is your busybox running on? Is it different 
> architecture
> > than your machine that you can compile on? This answers your question of
> > whether you need a cross-compiler. For example, I have a pxa270 (ie
> > arm5te, or armv5te?) handset, and I compile on an x86 linux SuSE-9.3host,
> > so I need a cross-compiler. My imaginary associate, let's call him
> > "Luther" (and he owes me money from the last Seahawks game, that lying
> > cheat, but I digress) , Luther's building for a nano-itx, so it's just 
> an
> > i386, and he's got the same glibc there as his host, so he just compiles
> > with the host (ie non-cross) toolchain on his Redhat-9.0 system.
> I could do this I suppose as use a Suse 9.3 machine which may become my
> Linux dev machine. But I am running on a VIA Epia M series embedded
> motherboard. But I can attach a largish hard drive and compile on the box 
> -
> or compile on my Suse box - what do you think would be easiest?
> >
> > 2) When you say "I need to recompile some program on busybox", do you
> > mean:
> > 2.1) I need to change the way busybox's mount command works; or
> > 2.2) I need to add my company's xyz-dongle-setup-tool to be an applet
> > inside busybox
> * Basically I have source code for some drivers and just need to compile
> them to run on my busybox.
> >
> > Generally, gcc builds busybox, but you don't say you've got a linux, 
> unix,
> > or Cygwin platform.
> Running busybox on a VIA EPIA M10000 motherboard. I loaded busybox on a 
> flash disk which is mounted read only - but also can connect a hard drive 
> on
> 2ns IDE channel. So I could compile with hard drive and then remove? Or
> possibly more convenient to cross compile on Suse? How do I go about cross
> compiling eg from Suse to the Via?
> Sorry but I am a Windows programmer! Gradually learning Linux stuff.
> Angus
> >
> > Allan
> >
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