[BusyBox] Probably a dumb question - but is there a c compiler with Busybox - or how to install?

Angus Comber angus at iteloffice.com
Wed Aug 17 17:59:20 UTC 2005

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with Busybox - or how to install?

> Angus Comber wrote:
>> Hello
>> Forgive my ignorance but I need to recompile some program on a busybox - 
>> I have a busybox up and running.  Do I need a cross compiler?  Or can I 
>> just download a C compiler for busybox?  From where?
> 1) What hardware is your busybox running on?  Is it different architecture 
> than your machine that you can compile on?  This answers your question of 
> whether you need a cross-compiler.  For example, I have a pxa270 (ie 
> arm5te, or armv5te?) handset, and I compile on an x86 linux SuSE-9.3 host, 
> so I need a cross-compiler.  My imaginary associate, let's call him 
> "Luther" (and he owes me money from the last Seahawks game, that lying 
> cheat, but I digress) , Luther's building for a nano-itx, so it's just an 
> i386, and he's got the same glibc there as his host, so he just compiles 
> with the host (ie non-cross) toolchain on his Redhat-9.0 system.

I could do this I suppose as use a Suse 9.3 machine which may become my 
Linux dev machine. But I am running on a VIA Epia M series embedded 
motherboard.  But I can attach a largish hard drive and compile on the box - 
or compile on my Suse box - what do you think would be easiest?
> 2) When you say "I need to recompile some program on busybox", do you 
> mean:
> 2.1) I need to change the way busybox's mount command works; or
> 2.2) I need to add my company's xyz-dongle-setup-tool to be an applet 
> inside busybox
* Basically I have source code for some drivers and just need to compile 
them to run on my busybox.
> Generally, gcc builds busybox, but you don't say you've got a linux, unix, 
> or Cygwin platform.

Running busybox on a VIA EPIA M10000 motherboard.  I loaded busybox on a IDE 
flash disk which is mounted read only - but also can connect a hard drive on 
2ns IDE channel.  So I could compile with hard drive and then remove?  Or 
possibly more convenient to cross compile on Suse?  How do I go about cross 
compiling eg from Suse to the Via?

Sorry but I am a Windows programmer!  Gradually learning Linux stuff.


> Allan

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