[BusyBox] Probably a dumb question - but is there a c compiler with Busybox - or how to install?

Allan Clark allanc at chickenandporn.com
Wed Aug 17 17:40:50 UTC 2005

Angus Comber wrote:

> Hello
> Forgive my ignorance but I need to recompile some program on a busybox 
> - I have a busybox up and running.  Do I need a cross compiler?  Or 
> can I just download a C compiler for busybox?  From where?

1) What hardware is your busybox running on?  Is it different 
architecture than your machine that you can compile on?  This answers 
your question of whether you need a cross-compiler.  For example, I have 
a pxa270 (ie arm5te, or armv5te?) handset, and I compile on an x86 linux 
SuSE-9.3 host, so I need a cross-compiler.  My imaginary associate, 
let's call him "Luther" (and he owes me money from the last Seahawks 
game, that lying cheat, but I digress) , Luther's building for a 
nano-itx, so it's just an i386, and he's got the same glibc there as his 
host, so he just compiles with the host (ie non-cross) toolchain on his 
Redhat-9.0 system.

2) When you say "I need to recompile some program on busybox", do you mean:
2.1) I need to change the way busybox's mount command works; or
2.2) I need to add my company's xyz-dongle-setup-tool to be an applet 
inside busybox

Generally, gcc builds busybox, but you don't say you've got a linux, 
unix, or Cygwin platform.


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