[BusyBox] df, add -P and -B

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Wed Aug 17 17:10:52 UTC 2005

[strange, this didn't make it to my inbox. Rob, sorry for the late

> Just a general comment:
> 1) Of course you can add your copyright notice to the top of the file,
> but now 
> that we have source control I'd much rather that the memorial of what 
> happened when be good source control commit messages rather than trying
> to 
> have a changelog as comments in the source code.

I didn't mean to add a copyright notice but a short changelog.
It's better to have those in the RCS, agree.

> 2) I personally prefer having the #define just be the number and keeping
> the & 
> in the code so we don't have a hidden dependency on the local variable
> "opt" 
> in a macro.

Sounds reasonable.
> 3) I know you didn't do CONFIG_FEATURE_HUMAN_READABLE, but the #ifdefs
> there 
> need to be untangled.

Actually i did look a bit at CONFIG_FEATURE_HUMAN_READABLE in df and it
appeared to work quite ok. What are you referring to, exactly?

> Lemme take a whack at further cleanups on this, ok?

Please do, i won't have time for it until next week anyway.
> Rob

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