[BusyBox] [PATCH] kill error message

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Wed Aug 17 16:24:19 UTC 2005

busybox 1.0 has about 15 occurence on syslog(%m) *ash* has about 10. It 
would be easy to replace %m with strerror() in syslog. It would add a 
few bytes but improve portability by removing glibc dependency.

Programms that a handled upstream are a problem but perhpas the autor 
will access patches tha replace %m.


Rob Landley wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 August 2005 01:50, Vladimir N. Oleynik wrote:
>>>%m is a glibc extension.  uClibc has an option to implement it, from
>>>menuconfig in uClibc 0.9.27:
>>>>>>  │ Answer Y to support a glibc extension to interpret '%m' in printf
>>>  │ format strings as an instruction to output the error message string
>>>  │ (as generated by strerror) corresponding to the current value of
>>>'errno │
>>>  │ Most people will answer N.
>>But uclibc support register_printf_function().
>>If add to busybox autoconfigure for check "%m" or not,
>>we can use this code (tested):
> I seldom manage to understand what you're actually saying, but I are you 
> suggesting busybox start using autoconf?
>>>>>># kill 1234
>>>>>>kill: 3: kill 1234: No such process
>>>>Really to like you here this result?
>>>Assuming your translator program meant something like "Do you really like
>>>this result"?  The answer is "I personally don't strongly care one way or
>>>the other".
>>Do you really like show the double "kill" word?
> Not really, no.
> If somebody else wants to check in a different change to that, fine.  I've now 
> started a shell rewrite that I hope will obsolete this whole mess, but it'll 
> take a while...
> Rob
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