[BusyBox] DNS resolution: unknown server error/NFS sharing: RPC: failed

Christian Fischer christian.fischer at agrl.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 17 13:40:58 UTC 2005


I would like to build a system for unattended installation (win/lin).

I use a kernel 2.6 with ext2 initrd with busybox and dhcpcd.

1. I would like to access an installation share with nfs (on solaris 8)
- nfs client support in kernel enabled
- nfs mounting support in busybox enabled

#mount -t nfs server-ip:/installation /mnt
RPC: failed to contact portmap (errno -5)
lockd_up: makesock failed,error=-5

2. I would like to use nameserver resolution
- after nslookup google.com:
nslookup: google.com: Unknown server error

I think both cases depend on any kind of libs..

I compiled the uClibc.. but how can I "connect" (sorry..for no better 
verb) this libs with my busybox?

i know that can't be impossible.. ;-)

any ideas or urls?
thanks in advance


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