[BusyBox] date extension hint for datestr conversion

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Tue Aug 16 19:14:30 UTC 2005

hi Rob,
date does not have this feature (yet :). i understand you want something 
is the name ok ?


Rob Landley wrote:
> On Monday 15 August 2005 11:55, walter harms wrote:
>>Hi List,
>>some time ago ii dropped over the problem that
>>busybox has only a limited datestring support.
>>Since i have often to translate between different date time
>>representations this is not so helpfull. so I added the -D switch
>>for date that bypasses the datestr interpreter.
> If the standard date doesn't have a -D switch (and the man page doesn't show 
> one, and trying date -D at the command line says "invalid option"), then what 
> you really want is a compile-time option to chop this functionality out.
> Rob

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